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Here's how to stop new employees from disappearing with company PPE

by , 01 August 2014
Have you ever hired a new employee only for him to go AWAL after a few days? It's not uncommon for this to happen to employers.

The problem comes in when you spent money on these employees. You need to give them training and personal protective equipment (PPE), so you do.

Now the training is a loss no matter what you do. But the PPE is only a loss if your new employee disappears with it.

You can prevent this loss though. Here's how...

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You can't make this employee pay for the PPE

Your first instinct might be to deduct the cost of the protective clothing from what you have to pay this employee. 
But this isn't legal. You can't make an employee pay for PPE, whether they absconded with it or you want them to buy it from you for their daily use.
So you can't recover the cost of the lost safety wear that way. So the only solution is to prevent any employees, new or old, from disappearing with their PPE.
But how do you do that?

Here's how to prevent employees from absconding with your company's PPE

The only way to prevent employees from disappearing with their safety gear is to never let them take it home.
You must provide them with a place to store their PPE at work. This should be a locker for each employee in your changing facilities.
Each locker should have a space for your employees to hang or put their PPE.
This way you can ensure your employees never leave your site with their PPE still in hand. Instruct your supervisors to stop any employees that try leave with their PPE.
As you can see, it's that simple to prevent new employees from disappearing with company PPE.
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Here's how to stop new employees from disappearing with company PPE
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