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Here's how to use PPE to protect your employee's internal organs

by , 04 July 2014
Personal protective clothing (PPE) is a handy safety measure your employees have at all times. It protects their heads from impact injuries, their fingers from serious cuts and even stops them from falling to their death.

PPE is without a doubt the most versatile form of protective equipment.

But, ask yourself this question: Have you protected every part of your employees' bodies that you should?

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Your employees' internal organs can suffer injuries too

Let's say your employees work in a factory. They work around noisy machinery all day long. Eventually, the noise will deafen them completely. You can prevent this if you provide them with ear plugs.
This is just one example of a piece of PPE that can protect your employees' internal organs. 
Let's look at another two examples...

Two more examples of how you can protect your employees' internal organs with PPE 

Face masks and nose plugs: If your employees work around dust, gas or fumes, their lungs can suffer serious damage from breathing it in.
If you give them masks or nose plugs, you can prevent them from breathing these substances in.
Kidney belts: Of all your employees' internal organs, their kidneys are the most susceptible to injuries from outside pressure. 
If they work on machinery that vibrates constantly, it can do serious damage to their kidneys. Kidney belts give their kidneys enough support to prevent damage from the vibrations.
So next time you hand out safety gear, ask yourself if it'll protect your employees' internal organs too.
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Here's how to use PPE to protect your employee's internal organs
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