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Here's what to check when updating your company's safety harness collection

by , 08 July 2014
Last week, we told you what to look for to see if your safety harnesses are too old and damaged for your employees to use anymore.

If they are, you need to get new ones.

But what do you need to look out for when you buy new safety harnesses to avoid them breaking as well? Take a look below for the answer...

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Did you know: There's little difference between your old safety harnesses and cheap ones

As we told you last week, old and damaged safety harnesses can have broken clips and frayed stapes. Damage like this can render your safety harness ineffective as a piece of safety equipment. 
But if you buy cheap safety harnesses to replace the broken ones, you're just wasting your money. This because cheap safety harnesses can break and snap the second they have to take any weight. 
Cheaper protective clothing products often use lower quality fabrics, have slap-dash stitching and the clips will be easy to break.
So to replace your safety harnesses with proper, good quality PPE, here's what you must check first...
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To avoid buying cheap quality safety harnesses do this check first

1. Are the straps made from a strong fabric? Check by giving them a pull. Do they stretch or look like they tear easily.
2. Is all the stitching strong and secure? Again you can check by giving it a little pull. If threads snap easily or you see any loose stitching, it's going to come apart really fast; and
3. The clips are sturdy. When you look at them, they must be made from thick plastic and if you push on them they mustn't bend.
If the harnesses pass these checks, you're guaranteed to make a good safety wear investment.

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Here's what to check when updating your company's safety harness collection
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