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How often should you update your PPE collection?

by , 08 July 2014
Because of the important role PPE plays in your employees' safety, it must always be in good condition. But if you're employees use it every day, it'll deteriorates very quickly.

When your employees' personal protect equipment starts to get too old, it stops protecting them properly.

To avoid this, you must replace the PPE when it starts to look worn. Here's how often you should do this.

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Your company's PPE policy must outline when you'll replace the equipment

Your company must outline when you're going to replace your PPE in your PPE policy, says an expert at the labourguide.co.za.
What this means is there isn't a fixed rule about replacing safety wear. You need to determine how long your PPE lasts depending on how much your employees use it.
This will depend on the kind of industry your employees work in and the kinds of jobs they do. 
For example, employees who work on their feet all day, every day, will wear out their safety shoes much faster than employees who only wear them when they work under slippery conditions.
A handy rule to follow is to look at the supplier's guidelines. They'll say when they PPE 'expires', suggests hsa.ie.
So apply this rule and remember to inspect PPE too...
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Inspect your PPE to determine when you need to replace it

The best way to know when you need to replace your PPE is to inspect it. If you see your PPE is starting to look tatty, replace it ASAP.
You should do these inspections at least every six months.
And remember, an item like a hard hat that doesn't get 'hard use' (unless your employees misuse it)  and will need to be replaced lass often than a pair of safety gloves.

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