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How safe are your employees' safety gloves?

by , 04 July 2014
If your employees use their hands a lot during their work, a hand injury could be bad news. When your employees work with hand tools and equipment they need their hands to be in one piece.

This is why they need good, strong safety gloves to protect them from impact injuries and prevent equipment from slicing through their hands.

But if your employees' safety gloves are getting on in age, they might not be doing what they should...

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Hand injuries could drastically lower your business' productivity 

Hand injuries are a common accident that plagues construction sites. All it takes is a slip of the hand while the power tool is on and there goes a finger. 
This type of accident doesn't just mean lots of admin with reporting it to COID and doing an incident investigation, it also means your employee can't work and that leads to lower productivity. 
Safety gloves are the best way to prevent this from happening. But if that little piece of PPE is wearing thin, it won't do much for hand safety.
Here's how to check if your safety gloves are really keeping your employees' hands safe...
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Four things to look for when checking the condition of your employees' safety gloves

When you check your employees' safety gloves, look for any:
1. Tears in the glove; 
2. Thinning patches in the fabric of the glove;
3. Loose stitching; and
4. Gloves that are too big for the employees who wear them (this is as dangerous as not wearing them at all).
If you spot any of these problems with your safety gloves, invest in new ones right away. 

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