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If employees wear PPE and still have accidents, give them this health and safety training today

by , 30 January 2015
He-alert.org recently released a report on workplace accidents. They found that despite employees wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE), they still frequently have accidents.

They also found that it came down to one common problem: A lack of proper health and safety training.

After all, if employees don't know how to use their PPE properly, it won't protect them.

That's why I'm going to show you exactly what training you need to give your employees so they can use their PPE properly and avoid these costly accidents...


Give your employees this health and safety training to make sure they use their PPE correctly

You need to train your employees on the right and wrong way to use their PPE. All too often, employees 'use' their safety gear in a way that doesn't actually protect them.
To stop this, train them to never do these five things with their protective clothing:
1. Never cut overalls
Some employees cut the arms of their overalls to make them shorter to let more air in. This makes the overalls less effective because they won't cover everything.
If an employee cuts the sleeve on his overall, he must sew them up properly. There mustn't be any loose threads that can catch in moving machine parts.
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2. Never cut the chin strap off their hard hats
These straps keep the hard hat in place. If employees cut them off, the hat can move during an accident and won't protect your employee's head.
He must leave this strap on and do it up every time he wears his hard hat even if it's not comfortable.
3. Don't use ear plugs repeatedly 
If employees use the same ear plugs over and over again, they get dirty. This turns into a bacteria risk that can spread ear infections.
Employees must use new ear plugs when they work around loud noises. They must also make sure they wear the ear plugs the whole time. 
4. Never use safety goggles or glasses that have holes or cracks
If there are holes or cracks in safety goggles and glasses, airborne particles can still get in. These can damage your employees' eyes. 
Employees must always use whole goggles or glasses. 
5. Don't break safety shoes
Some employees like to cut or bend the back of their safety shoes so they can but them on and off quickly. 
This won't help keep them safe as the shoes could slip off in an accident.
Employees must also always wear socks. If they don't, the shoes become unhygienic.
They must wear full socks and keep their shoes in tact at all times.
Employees need to know how to treat and use their PPE properly. If they don't, it won't protect them from accidents.
That's why, despite employees using their protective gear, they still have accidents.
To find out more about how to train your employees on using PPE correctly, check out the Health and Safety Training Manual

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If employees wear PPE and still have accidents, give them this health and safety training today
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