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If you fail to fulfil your PPE training obligations, here's what'll happen

by , 20 August 2014
You know you have to give your employees personal protective equipment (PPE). You know you must do a risk assessment to ensure you give them the appropriate PPE. But what you may not know is you must train your employees on how to use their PPE.

You may think it sounds ridiculous to train employees on how to wear protective clothing, but there's more to PPE than just wearing it.

If you don't train your employees on their PPE, this is what'll happen...


Here's what'll happen if you don't train your employees on their PPE

1. Your employees probably won't wear their PPE
It's not enough to say 'You must wear this PPE' and expect your employees to do it. You need to ensure they understand why they must wear it and what it protects them from. Then they'll wear their PPE, not because you say so, but because they understand its importance.
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2. They'll lose or break their PPE
Without proper PPE training, your employees won't know how to look after or store their PPE correctly and that means they'll probably lose or break it. This then affects your company's bottom line as you have to pay for new safety wear.
3. They'll misuse their PPE
Your employees may misuse their PPE because they won't know that this can damage it or that you can discipline them for damaging company property.
4. Your employees won't wear their PPE at the right times
It's important to ensure your employees understand when they must wear what PPE. Your employees must wear hard hats, for example, the whole time they're on site. But they only need to wear safety goggles when they work with certain tools.
As you can see, PPE training is a lot more important than you think. Without it, your employees won't have the vital PPE information they need.

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If you fail to fulfil your PPE training obligations, here's what'll happen
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