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If you have trainees on your site, don't forget to give them the protection they need

by , 01 August 2014
Training is an important part of health and safety. This is especially true when it comes to training young professionals and trainees. They need to be well versed in health and safety to ensure they can do their jobs correctly.

Now you know you need to protect your employees while they're on site. But do you know you have to protect those trainees that came from other companies?

Well you do and if you haven't given them this, you're putting their lives in danger.

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You have to protect outside trainees while they're on your site by giving them PPE

When you have trainees on your site, they'll do work even if you don't pay them because they need experience. 
Because your company benefits from this, there's an implied contract. So even if you don't pay the trainees, they still count as your employees.
Therefore you need to provide them with all the personal protective equipment (PPE) they'll need to stay safe on your site.
Here's what you should give them...

Give your trainees this PPE to protect them on site

You must first assess the kind of work you ask the trainees to do. This will help you ensure they have all the safety gear they need. But in the mean time you must give them these protective clothing basics: 
1. Hard hat;
2. Safety gloves;
3. Safety shoes;
4. Overalls;
5. Reflective jackets; and
6. Safety goggles.
These pieces of safety wear can protect them in a variety of situations and keep them safe.
So now that you know, ensure you give any trainees you have on site the right PPE to ensure they make it through their training in one piece.
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If you have trainees on your site, don't forget to give them the protection they need
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