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If you want to avoid DoL penalties, make sure you do this essential health and safety training

by , 09 May 2014
If you think giving your workers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is where your responsibility ends, you're wrong. You MUST also train them on how to use it correctly. If you don't, your employees could get hurt. This invites attention from the Department of Labour (DoL) and can cost you in penalties. Here's fourteen vitals you need to train your employees on when using PPE.


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You must provide the following PPE training to your employees

The Health & Safety Advisor says you must train your employees on:

  1. When it's necessary to wear PPE (employees need to know what risks they're exposed to while they work and how to protect themselves);
  2. What PPE to use and for which purpose;
  3. How to put it on;
  4. How to adjust it;
  5. How to wear it;
  6. How to take it off (this is especially important if your employees work with hazardous chemicals);
  7. What the PPE won't do regarding protection;
  8. How to give proper care to the PPE;
  9. How to clean the PPE;
  10. How to store it;
  11. What its useful life expectancy is;
  12. How to dispose of expired or damaged PPE;
  13. How to replace PPE; and
  14. The consequences of non-compliance regarding PPE rules.

But you also need to do additional training in three instances. Keep reading to find out when…


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Three instances when you have to give your employees additional PPE training

Give extra PPE training when:

  1. There are changes in the type of PPE employees use;
  2. An employee's not wearing the PPE provided, or not wearing the PPE correctly; and
  3. There are new activities in the workplace.

There you have it. Now that you know what to train your employees on when it comes to PPE, make sure you comply to avoid DoL penalties.

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If you want to avoid DoL penalties, make sure you do this essential health and safety training
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