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If your machine operators don't have this PPE, they could be in danger

by , 09 July 2014
An industrial business owner recently asked the experts behind the Health and Safety Advisor about a very unusual situation. He said his staff works with a number of different machines and he'd given them PPE, particularly safety gloves, but a problem arose when his employees complained that it's not safe for them to use the machinery with gloves on.

This is a sticky situation that can lead to employees not wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE).

But you can avoid this problem happening in your workplace with two simple actions...

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The OHS Act says your employees must have and wear PPE that protects them for workplace hazards

This business owner's employees are wrong. It's more dangerous for them to work without their PPE. Unfortunately, there aren't any rules about who must wear PPE and where.
All the OHS Act says, is your employees must wear safety gear and that this PPE must fit the hazards they face.
So this is where the first action comes in...

Use these two simple actions tp ensure your machine operators wear their PPE

Action 1: Do a risk assessment to ensure your employees actually need to wear PPE.
If your employees can actually see that they need the safety wear they're more likely to use it than if you just give it to them because you have to.
Action 2: According to the Health and Safety Advisor, speak to your PPE supplier and ask them if they offer training on how to use the PPE.
Employees might think it's unsafe for them to wear their protective clothing because they don't know how to use it properly.
If you use these two actions your machine operators will have the essential PPE they need and they'll know how to use it.

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If your machine operators don't have this PPE, they could be in danger
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