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Look for these seven signs to see if you need to replace your employees' safety gloves now

by , 20 January 2015
If your employees have to work with tools, machinery and other hazardous equipment, they need safety gloves to protect their hands.

But because your employees have to wear this personal protect equipment (PPE) all the time, it wears out very quickly.

This can result in the safety gloves being ineffective and hazardous.

That's why you need to inspect your employees' safety gloves at least once a month.

When you do, look for these seven tell-tale signs that it's time to replace them...


Replace your employees' safety gloves when you see these seven signs of wear and age

1. Holes
The moment you see holes in your employees' safety gloves, they need to go. Holes happen because of constant friction on the inside and outside of the gloves. 
When you replace the gloves, get ones made from thick durable fabrics like leather to make them last longer. 
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2. Loose stitching 
If the stitching around the sides of the gloves comes loose, it could cause the glove to fall apart. A loose piece of fabric can also get stuck in exposed machine parts. This can lead to serious injuries if your employee can't get his hand out of the glove. 
3. Shrinking 
As your employees gloves get old, they can shrink because of regular washing. If your employees' gloves shrink, it can stop blood flow to their hands when they wear them. This is very dangerous and it can cause serious infections if your employee has any existing injuries. 
4. Thinning fabric
Thinning fabric, like holes, happens because of friction. This rubs down the fabric over time until it's thin and ineffective. 
5. Over sized gloves
Not all gloves shrink with age. Some of them might stretch as your employees take them on and off over and over again. This leads to the gloves being too big for your employees. The extra stretched out fabric can get in the way, making it difficult for your employee to use tools safely. 
6. Tears
Tears in the gloves suggest they keep catching on other objects which causes the tearing. This means your employee needs gloves that fit him better so they don't catch on anything. 
7. Bad smells
Because your employees wear their gloves a lot and touch different objects around your workplace, they pick up germs. Over time, the dirt and germs on the gloves can start to give off a bad smell. This is especially true when you combine it with your employees' sweat. 
This turns gloves into health hazard that can cause an infection if your employee has a cut on his hand. 
Keep your eyes out for any of these signs when you inspect your employees' safety gloves. If you see them, be sure to replace the gloves quickly so your employees don't end up with any injuries. 
To find out more about how to manage your employees' PPE, check out the Health and Safety Advisor

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Look for these seven signs to see if you need to replace your employees' safety gloves now
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