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PPE: Is it for everyone or just manual labourers?

by , 09 July 2014
Let's say your business has three groups. There are the manual labourers who work outside on your site. Then there are the managers who spend half their time on site and half their time in their offices. Lastly there's the executive team who rarely go on site.

Each group spends time on site, but some spend much less time than others. So when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE), who gets what?

After all, there's no point in a CFO sitting in his office with a hard hat on (unless his office is under construction).

Here's how to work out which employees get what PPE...

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The PPE you issue your employees must always depend on your risk assessment

The rule of thumb with PPE: Always do a risk assessment first. The reason for this is there aren't any specific rules about who gets what PPE. 
By doing a risk assessment you can see who faces what hazards and risks at work. This will determine what safety wear you need to hand out. 
For example, a manager who's only on site for two hours each day will face different dangers to your manual labourers. They'll have constant risks involved in their work.
So when you do your risk assessment to determine what protective clothing you must issue, consider these things...
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Consider these four things when you do a risk assessment for issuing PPE 

1. The risks involved in each job?
2. Who does this job?
3. How many other jobs do they do that involve risks? And
4. How much time do they spend working with or near that risk?

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PPE: Is it for everyone or just manual labourers?
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