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PPE protects your employees. Use these six tips to protect it in return

by , 08 July 2014
Personal protect equipment (PPE) is a legal requirement. It's a safety measure you MUST give your employees and they must wear it.

Because it's so vital to your employees' safety you have to always have it in tiptop condition. This means doing inspections on it to check the condition it's in.

In fact, if your employees refuse to wear their PPE, it could be because it's in such bad condition.

To prevent this from becoming a problem on your site, use these six tips...

You need to ensure your PPE is in good condition so your employees have the right protection

Just like any kind of clothing, safety wear can wear thin, tear and break. When this happens, your employees could end up with serious injuries because the PPE can't do its job.
That's why you must use these six tips to ensure it's in the best condition possible:
Tip #1: Check your hard hats for these three problems.
Tip #2: Three things you need to check to ensure your employees' safety boots are still in good condition.
Tip #3: Ensuring your employees' safety gloves are in good condition is as easy as checking for these four problems.
Tips #4: If your employees' safety harnesses have any of these five problems, you must get new ones.
Tip #5: Ask your employees if their PPE has any of these four comfort problems.
Tip #6: Once you've checked all the PPE to ensure it's in good condition, store it correctly to keep it that way.
With these tips, you'll be able to ensure your employees' PPE is in good condition; and it stays that way. If you have any question about keeping your PPE in tiptop condition, visit our Health and Safety Club.

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PPE protects your employees. Use these six tips to protect it in return
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