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PPE puts the power back in your employees' hands

by , 07 July 2014
A health and safety programme is an essential part of the way you run your construction site. It's the only way you can really control hazards at work.

Or so you think...

You see, your health and safety rules may be just your outside view on how to deal with a problem. Meanwhile, your employees are the ones that face these problems head on every day.

That's why you must give them a way to physically protect themselves from these hazards. And the best way to do this is to hand out PPE: It puts the safety power back into your employees' hands...

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This essential tool guarantees your construction site will always be fully compliant with the DoL's new construction regulations...
If your site fails to comply with just one of the 26 DoL construction regulations, it could result in an incident that leaves dozens of people injured or even dead!

With PPE, your employees can take control of the hazards in their jobs 

It's all good and well to train your employees on how to use equipment safely, but accidents still happen. This means your employees are still in danger, whether you trained them or not.
And that's why effective, good quality PPE is essential for your employees to be able to defend themselves against these accidents.
Personal protective equipment is the one safety measure your employees can control. 
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Here's how you can be 100% sure your risk assessments are legally compliant...

Everything you need to effectively manage risk in your business, avoid accidents in the workplace and be 100% compliant with the DoL is now available to you in this one resource.
Can you afford to not have it?

Here's why it's important you give your employees PPE and safety accountability

The OHS Act clearly says your employees have a responsibility to keep themselves and each other safe. 
When you give them the power to do this with protective clothing and safety equipment they have a way to fulfil that duty.

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PPE puts the power back in your employees' hands
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