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PPE training: Necessity or a waste of money?

by , 20 August 2014
If you give someone a hard hat, you expect they know how to wear it right? It's logical right; you just put it on your head and fasten it if you need to.

So if it's so logical, why do you need to give employees training on putting on personal protective equipment (PPE)?

The truth is you need to train your employees on more than just how to put the protective clothing on.

Here at FSP Business, we firmly believe PPE training is a vital necessity. Here's why...

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This is what'll happen if you don't give your employees PPE training

If you don't give your employee PPE training, he won't understand important points such as:
- Why he must wear this PPE;
- How he must take care of his PPE;
- What'll happen if he doesn't wear his PPE? This applies to injuries and punishments from you;
- Where he must store his PPE;
- When he must use his PPE; and
- What the rules around using his PPE are.
That's a lot of knowledge your employee doesn't have. Without this knowledge, your employee may forget to wear PPE, damage it, lose it, store it incorrectly or misuse it.
Any of these things leaves your employee vulnerable to accidents and you out of pocket because you must replace their safety wear. 
So ensure you give your employees PPE training from these two sources.

Here are the two sources your employees' PPE training must come from

You can get PPE training from the PPE manufactures as they best explain how to use their product effectively. When you buy your PPE, you can get their contact information and arrange the training. 
But these suppliers can't give your employees all the training.
You must also give your employees PPE training on matters such as where and how to store their PPE on site, your PPE rules and what the punishments are if they don't wear their PPE.
So ensure you train your employees thoroughly on how and why they need to use their PPE so they can use it to its full advantage.

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PPE training: Necessity or a waste of money?
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