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Restocking your company's PPE cupboard? Here's how to get started

by , 15 July 2014
When it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring your supplies are always in good condition is vital. This means you have to chuck out the old and bring in new stock from time to time.

But how do you start this process? After all, you can't just bin everything and then go shopping. What would your employees wear while you're off doing your PPE shopping?

Rather follow these tips for an effective process that won't disrupt every day safety...

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You can't disrupt safety procedures while you shop for PPE 

Because your employees must wear their PPE every day, you can't just bin it. That's why you have to manage the transfer from old protective clothing to new so that no one ends up without PPE or with too much. 
This could easily become a complicated mess, not to mention a waste of money if you throw out perfectly good safety wear. 
Luckily, there's an easy and simple way to manage the process so you know you're getting the right PPE, for the right people without disrupting every day safety.

Here's how to effectively transfer from old PPE to new PPE

First: Inspect all of your PPE. This is how you can tell whether or not you need to replace it and what you need to replace.
Second: Take down a list of all the employees' specific PPE.
Third: Take all their measurements and sizes down so the new safety gear will fit your employees properly.
Forth: Go out and purchase all the right PPE from your supplier, but don't throw out the old PPE yet.
Fifth: Get all of your employees to assemble with their old PPE with them. Then make them hand over their old PPE to get the new stock. 
If you follow these five steps to renewing your company's PPE, you'll have no trouble managing the transition from old PPE to new.
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Restocking your company's PPE cupboard? Here's how to get started
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