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Revealed: If your construction employees only wear one piece of PPE, make sure it's THIS

by , 09 April 2014
A new study shows that the construction industry has the highest rate of fatal traumatic brain injuries. This is as a result of having objects falling on employees or them accidently bumping their heads. Thankfully, you have the ability to prevent this from happening by providing your construction employees with the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). But not just any PPE though, it must be this one particular piece...

What is the most important piece of PPE for your construction workers?
Different kinds of manual work will need different kinds of PPE, but for constructions sites there is one very important piece: A hard hat!
And that's because one of the biggest dangers on site is someone suffering an injury because something hit or fallen on them. After all, a broken leg will heal, but brain damage is harder to fix.
In a recent study on head injuries on site, All About Head Protection says one-half of the workers who suffer from head injuries on a construction site were looking down when an object hit them in the head. Almost three-tenths of them were looking straight ahead when they had this kid of accident. And a third of workers who get injured do so by bumping into objects that aren't even moving. 
But out of the workers who wear their hard hats, only one-eighth suffer from injuries caused by these sorts of accidents. 
So it's easy to see why hard hats are such an important piece of PPE. One of your employees could be seriously injured or even die from injuries caused by these sorts of accidents. Hard hats can prevent this from happening.
But which of your employees need to wear them?
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Here's how to check if your employees need hard hats as part of their PPE
According to the Health and Safety Advisor, anyone who works on a construction needs to have a hard hat as part of their PPE. This is according to construction regulations for safety and it's the duty of you, the employer, to supply the PPE. Your safety officer has to make sure that all of your employees wear their hard hats all the time.
To keep your employees safe on your construction site, it's vital you provide them with the most important piece of PPE.

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Revealed: If your construction employees only wear one piece of PPE, make sure it's THIS
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