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Should you be concerned about the scaffolding your contractor is using?

by , 09 July 2014
When it comes to working at heights, incorrect scaffolding is the biggest culprit behind falls. This because scaffolding that hasn't been put up correctly can topple over.

This problem becomes an even bigger risk when you hire outside contractors who need to work at heights for you such as window cleaners. Because they may not have had the formal training to put up the scaffolding securely, you could be hiring an accident waiting to happen.

So yes, you should be very concerned about the scaffolding your contractors put up and use.

The good news is though; you have two options you can use to avoid scaffolding catastrophes...

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Here are your two options to help prevent scaffolding disasters

Let's say, for example, you hired contractors to come and repair the gutters around your building. They need to erect scaffolding to be able to do this. But, you have no way of knowing if they have the training to do this themselves.
To ease your concerns; go for one of these options:
Option one: Contract a scaffolding company to put up the scaffolding for you and get them to certify it. 
Once the scaffolders put up the scaffolding, you must inspect it with them once it's up. They'll then certify that the scaffolding is fit to use. 
Once the other contractors finish the work on your gutters, the scaffolding company can come and dismantle it.
You have a second option too...
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Option two: Get a roofing company to put up the scaffolding

The contractors you hired for the gutter repairs most likely come from a roofing company. If you ask them to arrange the scaffolding, they'll ensure employees have the training to put it up.
Just remember to always assess the scaffolding before the contractors start their work and keep an eye on them while they're busy. 

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