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The best way to determine if your PPE is effective

by , 14 July 2014
You gave your employees their PPE. Job done, right? Wrong!

You won't know if your employees' PPE is doing its job if you simply sit back in your office. If you never actually observe the way your employees use their PPE, you won't know if it's effective.

And that means the PPE could be causing more accidents than it's preventing. You can prevent this though. All you need to do is actually watch the way your employees use their protective clothing.

So ensure your employees' PPE does its job by doing a risk assessment...

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PPE can cause more accidents than it prevents if you  give you employees the wrong type

Have you ever tried to do something while wear oversized gloves? Even something simple like holding a pen and writing is difficult. The gloves prevent you from feeling what you're actually doing.
Now imagine your employees wearing oversized safety gloves while using a hand tool. The gloves make it really difficult for your employees to handle the tool safely.
This is just one example of the kind of accidents safety wear can cause if it's not the right thing. Safety boots could also trip your employees and hard hats could impair their vision. 
So rather ensure your employees safety gear protects them by observing these things in a risk assessment...

Five things to watch out for during a risk assessment to ensure your PPE is effective

1. Does your employees' PPE fit them properly? (It must never be too big or too loose);
3. Does the PPE  get stuck or caught on anything in the work area?
If you can answer 'no' to questions one, two, four and five and 'yes' to question three, your PPE isn't working and you need to renew it. 
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The best way to determine if your PPE is effective
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