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The hard hat: Lowly PPE or the king of safety?

by , 17 July 2014
Safety isn't about just applying big blanket safety precautions and catchy safety slogans. It's about small, but consistent efforts every day regardless of whether it's a matter of looking before you do something or taking the right safety precautions before you start work.

When it comes to your employees' safety, these small efforts could be the simple act of remembering to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). This is especially true when it comes to their hard hats. These small, but vital pieces of safety gear can protect your employees from fatal head injuries.

In fact, when it comes to hard hats, it's up to you to decide whether they're lowly PPE or the king of safety...

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Hard hats rule the world of health and safety

Picture these two scenarios. First, your employee's working with a hand tool and he slips and cuts himself. In the second one, your employee's working outside and he slips and hits his head hard on a rock.
Which of these injuries do you think is more life threatening?
A cut may cause him to lose a lot of blood, but it's easier to stop the bleeding and get your employee medical attention. From there, he'll probably just be off for a few days.
A blow to the skull, on the other hand, can cause concussions, a brain haemorrhage, skull fractures and fatal brain trauma. Even if your employee survives this accident, he may be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.
PPE could prevent both of these types of injuries, but it's the hard hat that'll protect your employees from fatal accidents.
If fact, the hard hat can protect your employees from head injuries in these situations...
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Five situations when a hard hat will protect your employees from head injuries

A hard hat will protect your employee if:
Something falls from above and hits your employee on the head;
He's looking down and walks into something;
He slips and hits his head;
He walks past a machine and a moving part catches him on the head; and
Another employee throws something that hits him in the head.
Any of these workplace accidents could happen and will cause serious injuries, but with a hard hat, your employee will live to tell the tale.

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The hard hat: Lowly PPE or the king of safety?
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