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The one way to make sure you meet your one legal PPE requirement

by , 01 September 2014
You know the OHS Act outlines all your legal requirements when it comes to workplace health and safety. But when did you last look at what it says about your legal requirements regarding personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our experts at the Health and Safety Club often get questions from employers who want to know what the Act says about the different types of PPE.

To help you overcome all this PPE confusion, we're revealing exactly what your legal PPE requirements are...


Here's what the OHS Act says about PPE

The OHS Act doesn't actually say anything about specific types of PPE. It just says you must give your employees PPE that'll protect them from the risks they face at work.
So the Act won't give you any kind of indication as to what protective clothing your employees need.
But it does give you an indication as to what you need to do to determine the kind of PPE your employees need.
This is the one legal requirement you have. Read on to find out what it is...
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Here's what the Act says you must do to determine the kind of PPE your employees need

The Act says you must do a risk assessment to determine the PPE your employees need. You must document the risks your employees face and then take your findings to your health and safety committee. 
When you meet with your committee, you must discuss what safety gear you can give your employees to protect them from these risks.
This is your legal requirement when it comes to PPE.
Be warned though, if a DoL inspector pays your company a visit and feels you haven't given your employees the right PPE, he'll instruct you to give it to them.
So do your risk assessment correctly to ensure you get this right the first time.

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The one way to make sure you meet your one legal PPE requirement
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