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The PPE trinity: Three items your construction employees can't do without

by , 04 July 2014
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a vital safety measure with many names: Safety wear, safety gear and safety equipment. But whatever you call it, your construction employees must have it.

In the world of construction, accidents are common and PPE is your employees' best defence against them.

But I'm not just talking about any PPE; I'm talking about the PPE trinity. The three pieces of safety clothing your employees can't arrive at work without...

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The PPE trinity can protect your employees from common accidents

Common construction site accidents normally affect your employees' extremities: Their feet, fingers, legs, hands and heads. 
So what can you give them to protect these extremities?
The answer is the PPE trinity: Hard hats, safety gloves and safety boots
Each of these pieces of PPE has a specific job and they're vital to your employees' safety.
Let's look at what they do...
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Here's what the items in the PPE trinity do

Hard hats: Because of the thick plastic shell and support structures, hard hats can protect your employees' heads from impact. 
Safety gloves: Anytime your employees work with hand tools they need to wear their safety gloves. This because they can stop a tool or piece of equipment from cutting into their hands.
Safety boots: Your employees' feet can suffer injuries as easily as their hands. Their boots act as a barrier between them and any biohazard or chemicals around them. They also protect their feet from being crushed or slipping accidents.
If you provide your employees with this PPE trinity, they'll be safe from most common accidents. 

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The PPE trinity: Three items your construction employees can't do without
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