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There are 89 000 new cases of traumatic brain injuries in SA each year. Here's the one item of PPE you must give employees to make sure they don't become a statistic

by , 29 January 2015
An estimated 89 000 new cases of traumatic brain injuries happen every year in South Africa. And many of them take place on construction sites just like yours

The good news is you can do something about it and protect your employees.

All you have to do is make sure they all have this one piece of PPE...


Here's how this piece of PPE can protect your employees from traumatic brain injuries

The Bureau of Labour Statistics in America did a study on construction sites. It found that in most cases, employees weren't wearing any PPE when they had a head injury.
If this is the case in America, I'm sure you can only imagine why we have 89 000 new cases of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) every year. 
That's why you have to make sure your employees have, and wear one very important piece of PPE: A hard hat. It's your employees' best protection against workplace head injuries because it keeps a barrier around their head. 
 All hard hats have two parts to protect your employees' heads: An outer shell and an inner suspension system.  
The outside shell acts like a shield.  It stops falling or any object that sticks out directly impacting your employee's head. The inside cushions against any traumatic blow to the head and absorbs the impact. 
Together, these two parts create a barrier between your employee's head and hazardous objects. They also absorb the impact if anything does hit your employee's head.
But just giving your employees hard hats isn't enough. You have to constantly make sure their hats are in good condition. If they're not, you have to replace them.
Look for these three signs to see if you must replace your employees' hard hats.
*********** Hot off the press  ************

Do you want to be fined, jailed or have a criminal record for life?
If an accident occurs in your workplace, and the person dies, you could be charged with culpable homicide, charged penalties of R100 000 or 2 years in jail! The CEO or Owner of a company is personally accountable for health and safety at work. 

If you see one of these signs, replace your employees' hard hats immediately 

1. Cracks or dents in the plastic shell
Over time, the plastic shells can crack and distort because of constant exposure to the sun and other harsh temperature changes.
They make the shell brittle and could cause it to break on impact instead of protecting your employee's head.
2. Soft spots 
If you push the plastic shell of a new hard hat, it will bend in and then pop straight back out. This is a flexibility test.
When you do this to an old hard hat, it should do the same thing. If it doesn't, the plastic is soft and this means it won't deflect any blows to your employee's head. 
3. Tears or wearing in the suspension system
Because the suspension system uses foam and material padding, you need to make sure it's still in tact.
Don't let your employees become a statistic. Make sure they have and wear good quality hard hats whenever they're on site. 
You can find out more about what PPE you should give your employees in the Health and Safety Advisor

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There are 89 000 new cases of traumatic brain injuries in SA each year. Here's the one item of PPE you must give employees to make sure they don't become a statistic
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