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Three reasons why your employees should never forget their safety gloves at home

by , 16 July 2014
Our hands are the most important part of our body when it comes to being able to do things.
If something happens to our hands it can result in days, even weeks, without the ability to eat, brush our teeth, not to mention work.

If this were to happen to any of your employees, they wouldn't be able to do any work until the injury healed.

This is why safety gloves are the number one piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) when it comes to your employees' hands. Here are three reasons why they should never forget them at home...

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Without safety gloves your employees' hands are vulnerable to injuries 

Let's say your employees work with machinery that has moving blades. One slip and your employee could lose his finger. That's weeks off of work for his hand to heal and then probably rehabilitation too.
This could happen because there's nothing between your employee's hand and the blade. If there's nothing to block or slow down the blade, it'll cut through your employee's hand like a hot knife through butter.
I'm sure that's not a pleasant thought, but you can prevent it with the right safety wear. Just remind your employees about these three reasons why they must always have their safety gloves...

Three reasons why your employees must always have their safety gloves

1. Safety gloves create a barrier between your employees' hands and machinery parts. This means if their hands make contact with a blade or moving part, it can slow down the blade and give your employee a chance to remove his hand.
2. These gloves keep germs and bacteria away from possible cuts on your employees' hands. This can prevent infections and further damage.
3. The gloves provide padding, which can protect your employees' hands if something falls on them.
If your employees remember these three things, they'll never forget this all important piece of protective clothing at home. 
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Three reasons why your employees should never forget their safety gloves at home
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