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Three ways to tell the quality of your new safety gloves

by , 08 July 2014
Just like all your business's equipment, your PPE gets old. And just like any other old piece of equipment you have to replace it.

This is especially true for safety gloves because they wear very quickly. If your employees have them on constantly at work, they can wear thin, fray or come loose very easily.

Luckily buying good quality safety gloves can slow down this rate of deterioration....

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How do you know if your company's safety gloves are good quality?

If you've ever bought safety gloves, or any other kind of protective clothing, you'll know the cheaper it is, the faster it wears out.
This applies to hard hats, safety boots, safety harnesses and especially safety gloves. 
While you can't stop the wear and tear of your employees' safety wear, you can slow it down by buying the good stuff to start with. 
You see, good quality safety gloves are normally made from good quality leather. Good quality leather is thick enough to withstand daily use, whereas cheaper gloves will rip and thin very quickly.
So before you buy your employees new safety gloves, check for these three signs of good quality...

Three signs you must look for to ensure the safety gloves you buy are good quality

When you want to buy new safety gloves for your employees, first look for:
1. Thick strong leather. You can smell and feel the difference between cheap imitation leather and real leather;
2. Strong thick stitching around the fingers and sides of the gloves; and
3. Ensure the lining on the inside is securely in place.
If the new gloves you want to buy pass this inspection, they're definitely a must have.
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Three ways to tell the quality of your new safety gloves
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