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To check your employees' safety boots are in good condition, look at these three things

by , 04 July 2014
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the most important safety measures you can give to your employees.

It comes in all different forms and has many purposes. If your employees' work involves carrying heavy objects, biohazards or machinery with loose parts, one vital piece of PPE is their safety boots.

These boots protect their feet from impact injuries, coming into contact with biohazards and cuts.

But if those 'boots aren't made for walking' they definitely aren't going to be any good at protecting your employees. So check these three things to ensure your employees safety boots are up for job...

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Why do your employees' feet need protection?

If your employees can't walk, they generally can't work. This is especially true if their jobs are very physical. Luckily, safety boots can help prevent this problem.
Let's say, for example, your employees work with chemicals. If these chemicals spill onto the floor they could burn through normal shoes and injure your employee. 
What if your employees work with sewerage? Then their boots act as a barrier between them and the biohazard. If they wore normal shoes, the waste material could infect their nails or any open sores they might have.
These are just a few examples of WHY safety boots are so important. But to be any good at fulfilling their job, they must be in good condition. Check these three points to ensure they are...
Check these three things to ensure your safety boots are in good condition 
When you check your employees' safety boots ensure:
1. There are no holes, tears or cracks on the boot;
2. The rubber sole still has good grip and isn't worn down; and
3. There's enough padding inside the boot so it doesn't cause blisters or calluses.
If this little piece of safety gear passes your inspection, your employees' feet will have guaranteed protection. 
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To check your employees' safety boots are in good condition, look at these three things
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