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To protect their PPE, here's how your employees should store it

by , 04 July 2014
PPE is important for the protection of your employees. But PPE is expensive, so protecting it is just as important.

You probably don't see how your employees store their protective clothing. If you did, you may have a small heart attack.

After all, if you employees don't realise the expense and value of their PPE, they just may leave it lying on the floor.

But if you really want to take care of it, here's how they should store it...

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It's up to you whether your employees take their PPE home each day or store it at work

Some employers can't provide their employees with proper lockers. In this case, your employees have to take their safety gear home with them.  
You must tell your employees that when they have their personal protective equipment at home they must:
- Place their hard hats flat-side down on a flat surface such as a shelf. This stops the outside of the hat from denting.
- Keep their safety boots inside. They must keep them clean and away from dogs or other animals that might chew them.
- Put their safety gloves inside either the hat or boots as smaller items are easy to forget at home. The gloves must be kept away from sharp objects that could penetrate or cut them. 
If, however, you give your employees lockers to keep their PPE in, it's easier to control...
Here's how your employees must store their PPE in their lockers
You must ensure there's space for everything in their lockers so nothing will get squashed. Tell your employees to:
- Place their hard hats, flat-side down on the top shelf.
- Keep their safety boots on the lowest shelf of the locker or under a bench in front of their locker.
- Hang their safety gloves on hooks inside their lockers or place them on a shelf.
If your employees follow these rules to protect their PPE, it'll last them a long, long time. 
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To protect their PPE, here's how your employees should store it
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