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Two reasons why your old hard hat might actually do more harm than good!

by , 22 July 2014
Imagine having to wear a damaged hat that had sharp pieces that stuck into your head. These pieces would dig into your head and cause you serious pain.

Now think about your employees. If they have to wear damaged hard hats all day, this is the kind of pain they experience. And when your employees' personal protective equipment (PPE) causes them this kind of pain, it's not doing its job!

But this isn't the only harm a damaged hard hat can do to your employees. Read on to find out what other dangers your employees' hard hats put them in...

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Damaged PPE can do the opposite of protecting your employees

If your employees have to wear damaged PPE, it can seriously hurt them. In the case of a hard hat, any sharp pieces of cracked outer plastic can dig into your employees' heads. This can lead to serious cuts.
Now whenever you have a cut in an area that normally sweats a lot, like your head does under a hat, it can get infected very quickly.
Any infections near or on your employees' heads can quickly spread to their brain and cause serious damage!
This is just one danger of an old and damaged hard hat, the other one is even worse...

Brain damage: The second scary danger of a damaged hard hat

As a hard hat gets old, its plastic shell becomes brittle. Brittle plastic snaps very easily. So let's imagine your employee has an old hard hat old. A brick falls and hits him in the head.
Instead of deflecting the blow of the brick the way it should, the hard hat shatters.
This means your employee's head gets the full impact of the brick. The impact of the brick could also force the sharp broken edges of the hard hat into his skull. 
This won't just cause a concussion; this will cause serious and fatal brain damage.
So never let your employees' hard hats get to this stage of disrepair. Remember to regularly inspect all of your employees' safety gear to prevent these dangers.
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Two reasons why your old hard hat might actually do more harm than good!
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