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Use these 7 ways to encourage your employees to wear their PPE

by , 22 March 2013
You must make sure your employees wear their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times. If someone gets severely injured or dies because they didn't use it, the Department of Labour (DoL) can shut your business down.
Let's take a look at seven ways you can encourage your employees to wear their PPE...

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7 Ways to encourage your employees to wear their PPE
  1. You need to wear your PPE and act as a role model at all times;
  2. Make sure your employees get their PPE before they perform their task;
  3. Make sure the PPE is the right size and type to protect the person from the hazard to which they're exposed;
  4. Make sure you train your employees on the right way to use their PPE;
  5. You need to reinforce the need to wear the PPE on a regular basis and insist it's worn at all times;
  6. Encourage your employees to motivate each other for safe practices which include using PPE; and
  7. As a last resort, enforce your disciplinary code for non-compliance with company requirements.
It's very important that you select the correct PPE. Let's take a look at 5 points you need to remember when you choose your PPE.
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There are specific sections you must have, and you have to populate these with particular information.
5 Points to remember when you choose PPE
  1. Don't buy PPE based on price. Remember cheaper isn't always better and expensive doesn't mean that the PPE gives the protection you need.
  2. Companies that BUY NOW based on price – PAY LATER with injuries and illness to workers as consequences.
  3. Ask your PPE supplier/manufacturer to provide test results on the PPE.
  4. If they don't have test results, then test the PPE in your work environment. Consult with the Safety Department or a Consulting Company to make sure the testing is done correctly.This is done to make sure the PPE selected suits its purpose and provides you with the best protection.
  5. The PPE must fit your employees properly and they must feel comfortable when they wear it. This means that PPE must be tried on/fitted before the final selection is made.
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Until next time
Stay Safe
Leah Mathibe
Online Product Manager: Health and Safety 
P.S.  Do you know the minimum requirements for PPE? Click here to take a look at what our experts had to say . 
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Use these 7 ways to encourage your employees to wear their PPE
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