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Use these four PPE rules to help you manage it

by , 22 July 2014
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the most important elements in your health and safety programme. It allows your employees to prevent injuries that come from common accidents.

Unfortunately, because you have to give each employee his own safety wear, it becomes their responsibility to look after it. And sometimes this means the opposite happens.

This is why you need to have very clear rules about your company's PPE. Here are four rules your company should always have...

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Four company rules you need to have when it comes to PPE

Let's say you give your employee his PPE. It's now his to look after, bring to work and use. But often employees lose, forget or break their PPE.
This is a common problem that comes with entrusting your employees to manage their own protective clothing.
This is why it's necessary for you to put rules in place so prevent these problems.
So ensure you have these four rules in place:
1.       Employees must always have their PPE with them at work;
3.       Employees are responsible for protecting their PPE from damage; and
4.       Employees must store their PPE correctly whenever they're not wearing it.
But how do you enforce these rules?

Use your disciplinary code to enforce these PPE rules

To ensure your employees follow these rules, you must include them in your disciplinary code. If your employees break any of these rules, you must have a disciplinary meeting.
Remember all of your employees must see and sign your disciplinary code for it to be legally binding.
With these rules you'll be able to manage your employees' PPE use more effectively.
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