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Warning: Dirty safety gloves pose a serious health risk!

by , 22 July 2014
Imagine all the things your hands touch. They touch dirty surfaces, food, floors, machinery, other people and yourself.

Now imagine wearing gloves. You'll still pick up the same dirt and germs on the outside of the glove, but now your sweat will collect on the inside on the gloves too.

This is exactly what happens with your employees' safety gloves! By the end of each day, they have thousands of germs and bacteria covering their hands on the inside and outside.

This is a serious health hazard. Here's why...

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Dirty PPE is a breeding ground for bacteria

When your employees wear their safety gear every day, the bacteria simply grows and grows! And each day your employees add more of their sweat which adds to the unhygienic condition of the gloves.
It's rather disgusting when you think about it like that. 
But it's not just disgusting; it's also a possible health risk. And those dirty gloves are putting your employees in danger...

Those dirty safety gloves are a health risk to your employees

Dirty and bacteria filled safety gloves are a health hazard in two ways:
1. If your employee has a cut on his hand, all the bacteria in the glove can lead to an infection. The hot and sweaty conditions inside the glove will cause the infections the spread rapidly as these are the conditions the bacteria love most.
2. The bacteria on the gloves transfer to their hands. When your employees eat or touch their faces, these bacteria can then transfer into their system and lead to serious illnesses. 
This is why it's vital that to wash your employees' safety gloves and other protective clothing to ensure it never turns into a wearable petri dish.
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One simple step to win over any labour inspector
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Warning: Dirty safety gloves pose a serious health risk!
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