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Warning: Old and dirty PPE puts your employees in danger!

by , 22 July 2014
Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects your employees. It helps them escape injuries if accidents happen.

But what if I told you your PPE was a health risk? What if it's actually a hazard all on its own and puts you employees in danger every day?

Well if you don't keep your PPE clean and in good condition it could be doing just that. Here's why...

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Dirty PPE is unhygienic and carries bacteria

Whenever you wear clothing, it gets dirty from the outside thanks to dust and other things in our environment. You also make it dirty from the inside as you sweat. 
Now picture this happening to your employees' protective clothing. They wear it every day and that means it's constantly getting dirtier and dirtier from the inside and the outside. 
If you don't clean it, all this dirt creates the perfect place for bacteria to grow.
This is a disgusting thought, but it's one you need to think about because it can put your employees' health in danger...

Here's how that bacteria filled PPE can put your employees in danger

Let's say you employee has a cut on his arm and it hasn't healed properly. He then puts on dirty and unhygienic safety wear, like his overalls. The cut on his arm is now exposed to all the bacteria in the PPE
This increases his chance of developing an infection. It could fast spread and affect his entire arm.
This won't just prevent him from working, it can also put his life in danger. Untreated infections can be life threatening if they affect the heart, brain or central nerve system.
This is why it's so important to wash your employees PPE regularly or it may put your employees in harm's way.
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Warning: Old and dirty PPE puts your employees in danger!
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