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Warning: PPE from a poor quality supplier is as bad as not having PPE at all

by , 08 July 2014
Let's imagine you don't have any safety measures on your construction site. By this we mean no personal protective equipment (PPE) or safety equipment around your machinery.

What do you think will happen? For starters, your employees will probably have accidents left, right and centre.

Now let's imagine you DO have safety equipment, but it's all from poor quality suppliers. What do you think will happen now?

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Poor quality PPE suppliers supply cheap, ineffective PPE

Have you taken a look at the price of different pieces of PPE? Pieces such as safety boots, gloves or reflector jackets will never cost less that R300, at the very least.
For a pair of safety shoes alone you're looking at R500 and upwards. 
This is what you should pay for good quality safety wear. Think of it like buying a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes compared to buying a pair from PEP. The quality is going to be vastly different.
So if your PPE supplier is more of a 'PEP' than a 'Louis', the PPE they supply you with won't be able to pass these tests...

Poor quality PPE won't pass the test of everyday use

- Let's take a cheap hard hat for example. By its very nature, a hard hat should protect your employees if something falls on them, like a brick. A cheap, poor quality hard hat will crumble under the force of a brick.
- What about that under R100 safety harness? Its job is to stop your employee falling to his death. But at that price, it'll tear apart the first time it has to take any weight.
- How about those safety shoes you bought for R80? These shoes should protect your employees from things that could squash their feet. If you bought them at a second hand price, all their support structures could be broken already.
These are just three examples of how PPE from cheap suppliers won't protect your employees from workplace accidents. This means it's as bad as not having it at all.
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Warning: PPE from a poor quality supplier is as bad as not having PPE at all
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