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When is it necessary to give your employees reflective clothing?

by , 29 August 2014
You know your employees need hard hats, safety gloves and safety boots as their normal personal protect equipment (PPE). But do you know when you'll give them specific types of PPE?

Things like reflective clothing may be important for your employees' safety, but you need to know when to give it to them.

The rule of thumb is to do a risk assessment to determine these kinds of risk specific protective clothing. So when you do this assessment, look for these situations to see if it's necessary to give your employees' reflective clothing...


Here are three situations when your employees will need reflective clothing

The point of reflective clothing is to help others see your employees in darkness or bad visibility. This ensures no one crashes into them.
So provide your employees reflective clothing in these three situations.
Situation #1: If your employees work outside at night
If your employees work outside at night, for example, on road accidents sites, they need reflective clothing. Otherwise, they'll be at risk of a car hitting them.
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Situation #2: If your employees work in a mine, factory or site where the visibility is really bad
Bad visibility can come from lots of dust, smoke or fumes in the air or bad lighting. Reflective clothing helps ensure other people can see each other through this poor visibility as their clothing reflects light back.
Situation #3: If your employees work in very dangerous and busy areas
Reflective clothing makes your employees just that much more visible. So if they work in an area where there are a lot of construction vehicles, for example, reflective clothing will help drivers see and avoid them more easily. 
So ensure your employees have the correct reflective safety gear if they work in any of these three situations.

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When is it necessary to give your employees reflective clothing?
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