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When it comes to OHS PPE training, cover these six points

by , 15 July 2014
For your employees to use their personal protective equipment (PPE) properly, you need to train them to use it. But it's not enough to just use a test dummy and show them how to put it on.

They need to understand the 'hows' and 'whys' of their protective clothing. If they do, they're more likely to comply with the rules.

So when you train your employees on their PPE, remember this...

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PPE is a serious safety precaution and your employees must understand that

Your employees may work with high powered tools all day. When you put safety precautions in place like shatter-and heatproof glass, they understand why it's there. But they might not understand how a pair of gloves is going to keep them safe though.
They need to understand that those gloves are just as important as that safety glass. If they don't, they'll just misuse it and this could, firstly, lead to damage to your property, and secondly, result in a major injury.
So when you train your employees on their safety gear remember this and include these six points...

Six points to cover in your PPE OHS training

1. The risks the PPE protects them from. (E.g. safety gloves protect them from serious cuts to their hands);
2. The way they need to use their PPE. (E.g. how to put it on correctly);
3. When they need to wear it. (E.g. they must wear their safety gloves whenever they work with machinery and hand tools);
4. Why they mustn't misuse their PPE. Remind them it's company property so they mustn't damage it.
5. How to store PPE. (This can change depending on whether they take their PPE home each day or store it at work);
6. And what'll happen if they lose of forget items of their safety wear.
Include these six points in your OHS training on PPE to ensure your employees understand how to use it.
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When it comes to OHS PPE training, cover these six points
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