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When it comes to your employee's PPE, don't let them do the following

by , 19 August 2014
Just because your employees have to wear their personal protective equipment (PPE) anytime they're on site doesn't mean they always wear or use it in the right way.

In fact, often observations will show countless creative alternative ways employees use their PPE.

These alternatives can spell disaster for the condition of your PPE. When employees misuse their PPE, they'll damage it and you'll have to replace it sooner.

To save your company's cash and protect your PPE, never let them do the following with it...


Never let your employees use their PPE in these three ways

Your employees' PPE may be tough, but it's still susceptible to damage. This can happen easier than you think if your employees misuse their PPE.
That's why you must stop them from doing the following:
1. Wearing their PPE the wrong way
If your employee needs to wear his safety gloves, for example, to quickly use a drill, he may just stick his hands in and not care if he's got the wrong gloves on the wrong hands. He may think he only has to have them on for a few seconds but those few seconds are enough to stretch his gloves and make them less safe.
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2. Using their PPE for an unintended purpose

Employees may use their protective clothing for unintended purposes. For example, they may use their hard hats as stools or carry bags. Misuse could seriously damage the structure and integrity of the PPE.
3. Never let your employees be careless about how they treat their PPE
If your employees are careless about their PPE, they may damage it. For example, if they just leave their safety goggles lying around, they may get scratched or cracked.
Never let your employees do any of these three things with their PPE or it'll cost you more in the long run. 

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When it comes to your employee's PPE, don't let them do the following
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