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Who pays for PPE?

by , 09 July 2014
Health and safety can be expensive. After all, your company has to pay for training, make COID payments and fork out for PPE.

But this doesn't mean you can make your employees carry some of the cost. As an employer, health and safety is your responsibility and its cost falls on your shoulders.

This applies to all of your health and safety measures, even the ones your employees take home with them...

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Just because the PPE belongs to your employees doesn't mean they must pay for it

When it comes to PPE, each employee must have his own. Sharing PPE is unhygienic so if an employee leaves you company, you should think twice before you redistribute his protective clothing.
Basically, this means each employee owns his safety wear. That, however, doesn't mean you can make him pay for it.
You have to provide all the equipment and devices your employees use to protect themselves, free of charge. That's according to the OHS Act and it's very clear about your responsibility to protect your employees.
Even if your employee loses his personal protective equipment, you can't make him pay for it straight away...

Your employee doesn't have to pay to replace PPE even if he lost it

You can't make your employees pay for PPE they've lost. But don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom for your company's bank account.
You can discipline your employees if they come to work without their PPE. And, after a proper investigation, if you find that your employee purposely lost his PPE (if he sold it for example), you can deduct the cost from his salary.
So comply with your responsibility to protect your employees even if it costs your company a little extra.
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Who pays for PPE?
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