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Why NOT managing your company's PPE could break your company's health and safety budget?

by , 15 August 2014
What type of management controls do you have in place to look after your company's personal protective equipment (PPE)?

If you don't have any, it could be the thing that breaks your health and safety budget. You'll need to replace or fix it a hundred times over and, every time you do, the costs add up.

Here's exactly how poor PPE management will cause this problem in your workplace...


Poor PPE management leads to higher PPE costs

What happens to your company's PPE on a daily basis? Do your employees bring it from home, use and misuse it, take it home and chuck it on the floor somewhere?
This daily process is the reason why you have to pay so much for protective clothing.
You see, when your employees take their PPE home, they can easily lose it. And since you can't make your employee pay for the lost PPE, you just have to get him more.
Then, if your employees don't use their safety gear correctly or intentionally misuse it they can damage it. Again, you have to pay to replace it.
But why keep replacing PPE when it's so easy to manage it by doing this instead?
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Here's how to manage your PPE properly

Firstly, stop letting your employees take their PPE home. You must give them somewhere on site to store it. This will prevent them from constantly losing it. 
Train your employees on the proper way to use and take care of their PPE. Don't forget to include PPE in your disciplinary code. State that PPE misuse counts as intentional damage to company properly.
You see, it's easy to manage your PPE properly and doing so could save your company thousands each year.

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Why NOT managing your company's PPE could break your company's health and safety budget?
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