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Your employees won't feel defenceless against workplace hazards if you give them this

by , 07 July 2014
So you've done your OHS training with your employees. You've told them about the hazards in the workplace and shown them how to work safely.

But what happens if, despite all his training, one of your employees still has an accident?

The truth is, your employees are defenceless against workplace hazards. So if you really want them to be safe, you must give them something physical they can use to protect themselves.

We're talking about safety equipment...

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PPE can help your employees defend themselves against workplace hazards

Let's say, the reason your employee had that accident, was because the floor was wet and he slipped while he was using his equipment.
Because of this, the equipment cut into his hand and he had to go for stitches. 
Even though he was working carefully and safely, he couldn't avoid this accident.
But if he was wearing protective clothing, he'd probably be fine. PPE can help protect you from these kinds of common accidents
Here's how it can help defend your employees from otherwise unavoidable accidents...

Simple PPE can defend your employees from common accidents

Let's take a look at that situation again. If this employee had safety boots with rubber soles with good grip, he wouldn't have slipped.
If he'd safety gloves, the equipment wouldn't have cut through his hand. 
Your see, PPE works in a very simple way but it's the best way to defend your employees from common accidents. 
This because it creates a barrier between your employees and the hazards they face.
So there you have it. If you want to defend your employees from accidents like this, provide them with all the right personal protective equipment.
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Your employees won't feel defenceless against workplace hazards if you give them this
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