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6 Tips for putting together a company social media policy

by , 16 January 2013
There's no doubt that companies have embraced the digital age and all that goes with it, especially social media. But putting together a social media policy for your company to follow can be tricky. It's an even bigger task when you're not sure where to start or who to involve. Lia Marus of HR Pulse offers the following six tips to get your company started on the right social foot:

1. Accept that your employees are human and will make mistakes – especially in the highly visible social media space. Trust them to not make inappropriate comments or bring your company into disrepute. If something defamatory is posted, deal with it.
2. Next, focus on your social media efforts by deciding which social media you'll use and what you want to achieve with it. This way, you'll be able to align your employees' social media efforts with the company's vision.
3. Now the time to choose people from across the organisation to promote your company's message on social media – recruit them as the company's social media ambassadors.
4. Once these individuals are identified, it's time to train them on how you'd like them to get the company's message across through social media. They'll be less likely to make mistakes if you've trained them on the company's overall tone and style.
5. Remember to measure your social media efforts and how they impact on the company.
6. Lastly, be flexible. Social media and technology are constantly changing, you you'll need to change your policy accordingly to keep up with the times.
You can also use social media in your company's recruitment strategy. For other handy staff policy tips, sign up for our free Labour Bulletin!


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6 Tips for putting together a company social media policy
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