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Are your employees receiving gifts or bribes this Christmas?

by , 19 November 2013
According to an eNCA report, the Hawks arrested a Prasa area Manager in Pretoria. He allegedly solicited a bribe from a service provider. The Hawks said, "The 43-year-old man wanted R10 000 from a service provider who didn't comply with tender processes'.

I'm not that shocked anymore by reports like these. They have reached epidemic proportions in South Africa. We read about them every day. This could be happening in your company too.
Your employees deal with customers and suppliers daily. What will suppliers think if your employee asks for a bribe in return for giving them business? That sort of activity will ruin your reputation. Not to mention, how hard it is to recover from something like that.
Be careful during this season of giving and receiving. This shouldn't become part of some special year-end bonus. Let me tell you six ways to ensure your employees aren't receiving bribes this Christmas.

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Six ways to ensure employees aren't receiving bribes.
  • Explain to your employees the rules on receiving gifts and think about whether the gift giving is fair.
  • Make employees report the gifts they receive so you can monitor the type and how many gifts they get.
  • Make sure your suppliers know your gift policy. Tell them to report employees who request bribes. Return any unsuitable gifts given to your employees.
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Here are the last three ways to ensure your employees aren't receiving bribes
  • Keep an eye on your employees' lifestyle. If they appear to have more money than they should, look into it.
  • Know your suppliers. Understand why your employee has decided to do business with a particular supplier.
  • Make sure your employees and suppliers don't carry on working together if they become too friendly.
You must have clear rules to handle an employee suspected of taking bribes. Put a gifts and bribes policy in place in your company. The Practical Guide for Human Resources Management says that your policy must include details on gifts, bribes, conflicts of interest, fraud and corruption. It shows you what to do if your company gives gifts. There are also rules for gift receiving.

Be informed
Yvonne Eribake

P.S. Taryn just gave me a scoop; you have to follow certain procedures if you suspect an employee of any wrong doing. These are explained in You're fired!' Your guide to substantively and procedurally fair dismissals. You will be able to legally fire an employee and not end up at the CCMA.

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