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Be legally-compliant by including these 5 sections in your AA policy

by , 04 February 2016
Affirmative Action refers to the creation, development and retention of a workplace that's culturally diverse. And by law, you're required to draw up an Affirmative Action policy in achieving this.

Now, what this policy basically does is it guides the implementation of affirmative action in your workplace. In other words, it lays out what you intend to do in the workplace regarding affirmative action.

But having said that, you may be wondering what exactly should be included in your affirmative action policy.

Well here's your answer... Here are 5 sections you should include in your affirmative action policy to be effective and, ultimately, on the right side of the law....

Section#1: Purpose

This section refers to what you want to achieve in the policy.

This should be in line with the Employment Equity Act, which sets out to achieve equity in the workplace through proportional representation of designated groups.

And so the purpose of your policy should refer to achieving equity in the workplace.

Section#2: Application

This section refers to who exactly the policy applies to.

Your Affirmative Action policy would more than likely refer to members of 'designated groups'.

NOTE: Only black individuals who are South African citizens fall into the definition 'black'.
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Section#3: Objectives

This refers to the specific aims of the policy.

The objectives add to the purpose of your AA policy and must also fall in line with the purpose of the EEA.

Your objectives must include the aim to remove any discrimination in the workplace.

Section#4: Scope

The scope of the policy refers to which workplace activities are covered.

This can include the recruitment, training and development of employees, as well as any initiatives within the company to create a more integrated workplace.

Section#5: Main body

The main body of your affirmative action policy will deal with its practical application.

In other words, it'll outline how you 'plan' to implement it in the workplace.
*Those were the 5 main sections to include in your affirmative action policy.

For much more detail into affirmative action policies, page over to chapter A03: Affirmative Action Policy in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook.

Also remember that the Employment Equity Act has changed, and so you'll need to implement these changes into your AA policy. To learn more on these changes, page over to chapter E08: Employment Equity Act Amendments 2014 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook.

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Be legally-compliant by including these 5 sections in your AA policy
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