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Be warned! You'll face these four consequences if you ignore Thando's grievance

by , 25 September 2014
Lets say, your junior employee Thando, complains that his superior, Mr White, makes statements about him in the presence of other employees that he believes are racist.

This makes him feel uncomfortable. He also feels this has been an affront to his dignity. He lodges a grievance, in writing with you as per your grievance procedure.

You tell Thando you'll handle the matter. But, because you're so busy, you end up forgetting about Thando's complaint and do nothing about it.

The consequences of your error are huge.

Keep reading to discover the four implications of ignoring Thando's grievance so you won't make the same error again.

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If you don't do anything about Thando's grievance, you'll face the following four consequences

Thando can:
  1. Sue you for unfair discrimination because you let one of your managers racially harass him.
  1. Claim damages from you under the Employment Equity Act (EEA).
  1. Sue you in civil court for damages he suffers because of the affront to his dignity. This on the basis that you owe him a duty of care and didn't carry out your duty, or that you should be held vicariously liable for the acts of one of your managers.
  1. Resign and claim constructive dismissal.
Whatever Thando does, it could cost you time and money to defend yourself. You can also lose the case and have to pay him compensation.

To protect yourself from these consequences, do this to deal with Thando's grievance effectively

You have to take Thando's workplace grievance seriously, even if you think it's a minor issue. And you must try to sort out the grievance as soon as reasonably possible. Doing this will help ensure you avoid the above consequences.

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Be warned! You'll face these four consequences if you ignore Thando's grievance
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