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Can you make an employee work 45 hours before paying him overtime?

by , 10 July 2015
Some of your workers work on Saturdays and Sundays. When they do, they earn overtime.

But now, you have a problem. Some of your overtime workers are starting to take weekdays off - so they don't even work 45 hours! But they're always available on weekends to work overtime.

How can you resolve this? Can you oblige them to work 45 hours before qualifying to work overtime? Here's your answer...

Not all employees qualify to work overtime!

Here's an important factor to consider – the earnings threshold.
Any employee who earns above the earnings threshold (R205 433.30 per year) doesn't qualify to work overtime. This goes according to the BCEA.
But you can do this…


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You can regulate working hours and overtime with your employment contracts

If an employee is contractually entitled to overtime pay, you must pay them in line with this agreement.
You CAN'T make any employee work 48 hours during the week to qualify for overtime on weekends. 
Again – your employment/overtime agreement will be relevant.

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Can you make an employee work 45 hours before paying him overtime?
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