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Couples are getting social media prenups! Your company should follow suit

by , 10 June 2014
Have you heard of something called a 'social media prenup'? We don't blame you if you haven't heard of it.

A social media prenup is relatively new. It's basically a written document, or often simply a discussion, that addresses what's acceptable to share online about each other, sometimes with serious consequences, reports Abc news.

The good news is you too can have a social media prenup in your workplace. If you're asking: 'With who?' The answer is: 'With your employees'. You are after all in a relationship - the employer, employee relationship.

Read on to find out how a social media prenup works so you can develop one for your workplace.


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Discover what a social media prenup is and how to make it work in your workplace

In the Abc news report, Ann-Margaret Carrozza, a New York-based attorney says a typical social media clause or prenup will state that couples can't post nude photos, embarrassing photos or any photos or posts that are likely to harm a spouse's professional reputation.

Carrozza says a social media prenup helps couples identify the areas where they're never going to compromise.

'You want to establish boundaries, what will be off limits, what will be private... what are the acceptable areas of your private lives that you want to post online,' she says.

Your company's social media prenup will take the form of a social media policy. That's right. Your policy can set boundaries as well. You can make it clear what employees can post or can't post on social media.

Carrozza, who's been doing prenuptial agreements for ten years, says with her clients, the penalty for violating the social media clause is monetary. The amount set depends on a person's wealth and the culprit pays per post or per tweet.

If, for example, you post an embarrassing bathing suit picture of your partner, you'll have to pay a certain amount for that post.

While you can't fine your employee for posting a derogatory tweet that goes against your social media policy and paints your company in bad light, you can discipline your employee for misconduct. You can even dismiss him depending on what your policy says.

And it's something that's becoming more and more necessary to do.

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You need to regulate what goes on-line with a social media policy

If you think a social media prenup is a silly idea, think again. Once something goes viral on social media, you can't shake it.

When it comes to your business, your company's reputation is on the line. That's why you need a social media policy. A reckless tweet by an employee can affect your bottom line and you may never recover once the damage is done. Remember that to some people, perception is reality.

So make sure you have a sound social media prenup in the form of a social media policy in place to regulate what employees can or can't do on social media.

If you want to know how to develop a social media policy, ask the experts behind the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management here.

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Couples are getting social media prenups! Your company should follow suit
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