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Discourage employee intimate relationships to stop affecting your business in four easy steps

by , 17 January 2013
Since we spend most of our hours at work, it's no wonder intimate relationships are formed between employees. You may be thinking this has nothing to do with you, but it does. When relationships sour between employees, it affects your business. Luckily for you the CCMA for Managers Guide outlines four steps you can take to avoid hostile environment claims as a result of office romance.

'The reality is that in today's world, both managers and employees have as much chance of finding their Prince or Princess Charming in the workplace as anyplace else -maybe more, given the 60- to 80-hour workweeks that are common today,' says Career Guide Today.

How to discourage employee intimate relationships
  1. Don't become involved intimately with your employees or business partners. Lead by example.
  2. Have a policy that discourages office romance. The policy must clearly state reasons why this is bad and consequences for not following the policy.
  3. Always intervene by talking to employees if you think an office romance is affecting productivity.
  4. Issue formal warnings if professionalism is compromised by increased workplace friction, displays of affection or domestic disputes at the office.
Avoid sexual harassment at the workplace between employees

Remember that lines between sexual harassment and office romancecan become blurry. Make sure that your employees understand the sexual harassment policy if you don't want sexual harassment suites in your business.

According to Bloomberg Business Week Magazine: 'Another strategy is forcing employees to sign "love contracts," the office version of a prenup, stating their mutual affection will not interfere with the workplace. If such documentation effectively takes the fun out of an office romance, well, that's the point.'

For more tips on how to manage sticky employee situations in the workplace go to the Labour Law for Managers Guide and discover how to make managing your employees easier.

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Discourage employee intimate relationships to stop affecting your business in four easy steps
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