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Do your employees know how to lodge a grievance?

by , 15 September 2014
A grievance procedure is a process your employees follow when they have complaints about their working conditions.

This procedure ensures that, as an employer, you resolve matters quickly so employees can do their jobs effectively.

But, have you asked yourself if your employees know how to lodge a grievance?

It's all good and well to have a grievance procedure, but it's useless if employees don't know the process they must follow to lodge one.

Don't let an employee's grievance fester and create negative energy in the workplace. Tell employees to do the following to lodge a grievance so you can resolve it and avoid landing at the CCMA.

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The ONLY way to seamlessly protect your business from being dragged to the CCMA every time you have an employee problem is to have a comprehensive HR Policy Manual in place.



Tell your employees to do the following to lodge a grievance

1. They must lodge a grievance in writing.


2. Take them through the grievance form and tell them how best to complete it.


3. Tell employees that their grievance must contain:

  • The facts they are basing the grievance on;
  • An exact description of the incident (they must include dates and the time as well.);
  • The person they are lodging the grievance against;
  • When the incident took place;
  • The policy that the company or one of its employees has allegedly violated; and
  • The type of resolution they are seeking.
4. In addition, tell employees that the grievance must contain as much detail as possible so you can resolve it in an effective manner.

When it comes to workplace grievances, you must support your employee at all times

According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, it's a sign of emotional intelligence as a manager to be able to support and deal with grievances and not to take things personally.

The Guide adds, 'the measure of you as a manager isn't that there are no grievances (this would be unnatural, where there are people, issues arise), but rather how you manage them.'

If you teach employees about your grievance procedure and you let them know how to lodge grievances, you'll be able to resolve complaints effectively so they don't fester.

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