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Does your company's uniform policy follow these six rules?

by , 25 July 2013
Having a uniform policy is a great way to define to your employees what is and isn't an acceptable dress code in your workplace. But you also have certain obligations as an employer when it comes to company uniforms. Here's what they are...

Deciding that your employees must wear a uniform in your workplace goes beyond just drawing up a uniform policy. There are certain rules you must follow to comply with the law.

Have a uniform policy in your workplace? Check if you follow these rules

#1: 'If it's company policy to wear a uniform then it must be written in the employment contract and in the company's policy and procedure manual. You must ensure your employee understands that wearing a uniform is a condition of employment and failure to do so has clear consequences,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

#2: Your company should provide the uniform to the employee either free of charge or at cost. However, the value of the uniform should be clearly visible on any documents your employee signs to acknowledge receipt.

#3: You must give your employee an allowance to buy the uniform. This must be shown separately other pay slip and shouldn't form part of taxable income.

#4: Any contribution to keep the uniform clean and in good repair is also non-taxable.

#5: If you provide additional uniforms and your employee pays for them, make sure you clearly explain the rules applying to this in your employee's contract of employment.

#6: You must get your employee's permission if you want to deduct money for additional uniforms from in his salary.

Remember, if it's a condition of employment for your employee to wear a special uniform, the value of the uniform or any allowance you make as an employer is exempt from tax.

Ensure your company's uniform policy is in line with these rules to avoid contravening labour laws.

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Does your company's uniform policy follow these six rules?
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