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Don't forget to provide a certificate of service when your employee resigns...

by , 09 May 2013
You'd have to be on a very restricted media diet to have not heard that Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has resigned. It's been a hot topic on TV, radio, in print and most especially in the social media space, with all and sundry giving their two cents' worth. Most resignations don't make the news though - that's why you need to provide your employee with a certificate of service to prove he worked for you.

The world has reacted to Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement as Manchester United's manager after 26 years of service, says TheWashingtonPost.
Part of the reason this resignation's led to so much social commentary is that Manchester United's of one of the world's most popular and successful football clubs.
So the whole world already knows where he's worked and for how long.
But the majority of resignations don't register in the rest of the world.
That's why when an employee resigns, you must provide the employee with a certificate of service, irrespective of the reason for him leaving, says The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf. 
And remember that this doesn't just apply to corporate office resignations – you need to supply your domestic worker with a certificate of service when she leaves your employ, too as it serves as proof that the worker worked for the employer, says the Department of Labour.
Always include these basic details in a certificate of service
In the certificate of service, you'll need to confirm that the employee worked for you by specifying the length of service with start and end date, as well as the employee's salary and job title during your employ.
That's the basics to cover.
Additions and alterations may also be required to suit you or your employee's specific needs.
Three optional extras to include in you're the certificates of service you issue…
For example, your employee can ask you to include a reason for the termination of service, says SolidarityLegalServices.
Some certificates of service go so far as to also include testimonials and references, adds MyWage.
But as long as you've covered the basic information in your certificate of service, your employee should be happy.

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Don't forget to provide a certificate of service when your employee resigns...
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