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Email wastes about 32.5 workdays per year! Here's how to control it in your company

by , 31 March 2014
Huddle reports that a 2010 Star Email Survey (UK) found that 19% of employees spend up to an hour each day managing emails, with 20% spending more than an hour each day. That's equivalent to 32.5 workdays wasted per year. That's a whole lot of company productivity down the drain. That's why today we're giving you five tips you can use to help ensure employees don't waste time on email.

You need to control your employee's outgoing email

Emails are an important resource in a business environment. Thanks to email, you no longer have to rely on letters to communicate with business partners and you don't always have to meet with them face–to-face to discuss something important.

Nowadays, a quick email does the trick. While using email is convenient; drawbacks are starting to show. And the biggest one is the time your employees waste on email. Since your business isn't immune to this problem, use these five tips to help control your employee's outgoing email…


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Revealed: Five tips to stop 32.5 wasted workdays per year

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management recommends you use these tips to manage outgoing email:

#1: Tell employees to only respond to messages that require their direct input.

#2: Advise employees to prioritise the urgent outbox messages and leave all others for later and batch the response.

#3: Tell employees to draft all their responses and send them all in one batch.

#4: It's a good idea to only send messages to the required recipient. If, for example, you send an Email to 'All@Company' you'll get unnecessary responses and waste time.

#5: Tell employees to NOT forward jokes or attachments that are irrelevant to their work. Remind them about your company's IT policy.

There you have it. With these tips you'll help control your employee's outgoing email and, in turn, help employees avoid wasting their time at work.

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Email wastes about 32.5 workdays per year! Here's how to control it in your company
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